Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Music Review: Telefone by Noname

Telefone, artwork by Nikko Washington
Who is Noname?

Noname, also referred to as "Noname Gypsy" is a hip-hop artist out of Chicago, Illinois. She is known for first appearance in Chance The Rapper's song "Lost" and her music with rappers Mick Jenkins and Saba. On July 31, 2016, Noname released her debut mixtape titled "Telefone." Telefone is ten tracks long and is pretty damn good. Noname gives the listener nostalgic summertime vibes that remind people of childhood and growing up. In songs such as "Diddy Bop" Noname recalls the song sounding like, "kiddies on the playground when mama was running up" or, "jumping in a pool and I'm knowing I can't swim." Telefone is a lighthearted toned, fun loving, body of music that can put a smile on anybody's face. 

Telefone Tracklisting:

  1. Yesterday
  2. Sunny Duet (w/ theMIND)
  3. Diddy Bop (ft. Raury & Cam O'bi)
  4. All I Need (ft. Xavier Omär)
  5. Reality Check (ft. Eryn Allen Kane & Akenya)
  6. Freedom Interlude
  7. Casket Pretty
  8. Forever (ft. Ravyn Lenae & Joseph Chilliams)
  9. Bye Bye Baby
  10. Shadow Man (ft. Saba, Smino & Phoelix)

A million out of ten. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise; if they do, they're insane. This may sound odd, but Noname captured the perfect feelings that a person wants to feel when they die, and when they are born; peace. Nothing more, nothing less.