Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Social Justice Warrior: Two Worlds

White Privilege 

White privilege is pretty much self explanatory concept. In its essence, white privilege is having systematic and institutional advantages in society just because a person is simply white. This factors into today's economy, social class, and even a person's financial state. For example, a low income black or Latino family might be put in a neighborhood with poor housing and crime while a low income white family can somehow still make it into the suburbs or high status neighborhood. Even in court, when teenagers are being tried for crimes they commit, African Americans are more likely to be tried as adults, whereas white teens are tried as juveniles. Not to forget that 1 out of every 8 of African American youth that get convicted of killing someone will be sentenced to life without parole. However, among white Americans this number is 1 out of 13. Also, have you noticed that in the media when a black person is murdered (Mike Brown, Freddie Gray, Eric Garner, etc) their image will be twisted? They said that Michael Brown was a bad kid who smoked weed and listened to rap music. But when Dylan Storm Roof, a white man who shot up a church and took 9 innocent lives, they talked about how good of a kid he was. Even Brock Turner, the Stanford rapist, got a mere slap on the wrist when he was sentenced because "jail would be bad for him."

Two Worlds

Let's face it, the same world that a white person deals with is not the same world that a person of color deals with. One cannot simply, "not see race" or say that race is "just a social construct." And before you go ahead and say that white people go through hell too, think about it: do they really go through it because they're white? Nope! As an entire race, white people are far from oppressed. Offended? Yes. Oppressed? No. This actually brings up the main reason why #AllLivesMatter is a bunch of bull. Yes, all lives in fact do matter, but that's not how all lives are treated. This hash tag was not started to prove what it says, it was only started because people were angry about #BlackLivesMatter. But the question is: where are the #AllLivesMatter people when tragedy strikes? They weren't out protesting when those three Muslims on Chapel Hill were slain, and they weren't out when the Orlando shooting happened either. All Lives Matter is only something that is said when a privileged person feels that BLM is taking away from their lives. It's not even a movement! These people don't feel the need to start a movement! You wanna know why? Because it's already evident that their lives matter.

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