Thursday, June 23, 2016

Music Review: SHE by Trapo

SHE EP by Trapo

Who is Trapo?

Davon Prather, otherwise known as Trapo, is a teenage Wisconsin born rapper and singer currently signed to Esselgy Records. His latest work is an EP titled "She" which features the likes of artists such as Max Wonders, TheMIND, and Meraki. The EP is ten tracks long and was released on March 26, 2016. 

Is it Good?

Definitely. Trapo carries a soothing melody through his soulful voice while still being able to rhyme and flow. She is full of both R&B influences as well as Hip-Hop. In tracks such as "Never Run", "Prototype" and "Special" Trapo discusses topics such as love and attraction. While his sound may not be every single person's cup of tea, he still makes music that most people can vibe to. 

My rating of She would be 9.5/10. There was nothing wrong with the EP, I just wish that it had been longer. Two songs that really stood out to me were "Chicago" and "Cruise Control." Chicago, because it was funky and made me want to dance around my house. Cruise Control because he is really saying something there. His quote, "Don't act like you never loved the way I treated you" really makes me wonder, how did he treat her in the first place? Was he good to her? Or possibly the opposite? Hopefully not.

In the near future I am looking forward to hearing more music from Trapo. Maybe even a debut album sometime around the way. Until then, you can listen to She on SoundCloud, Spotify, and TIDAL. If you're tempted to listen, click the link below.

Listen To SHE by Trapo 


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